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Hello Church!..

Wonderful to be in work, worship, and ministry with you through September.  You’ve all outdone yourselves in so many ways, most of which will be clear to you as you read on through this newsletter.  Every line is full of importance to your being fully informed.

Please remember to keep in mind as you walk with the Spirit this month, those miraculous opportunities God will be placing before you to DO good.. even as you read this.  When you catch one, experience and give a blessing, please jump on the Pastor Jack FB Page and share your witness.

Last Sunday 4 new members stood and committed their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to be extended through our fellowship!  How wonderful when God leads people to WANT to be part of us.  Just like a home family, it’s affirming to all, exciting and gives life to our dreams.  Among them was my favorite human being ever, the ever kind and gracious:

- Stacy Stanley, on transfer from an out of state UMC. Joining with her were

- Cheryl Donaghy on transfer from another area UMC along with her son

- Brayden Budding; her husband

- Wayne Donaghy transferred from a local sister denomination, also her younger son,

- Nicholas Budding, is all in on this move and looking forward to his confirmation.

Though you all may not be familiar with them yet, most of you know her mother, Susie Bynam and her grandmother, Dot Waggoner. If you have others that want to be a part of our family, help them along with your invitation.


This newsletter paints the tapestry of our cooperative effort of giving and receiving love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness from the presence of our Lord on the hearts of people to step out into the water and make that step of faith and fellowship with us. 


The Worship Sermon Series, “Got Fruit? Then Fill Your Faith” will close out with October as we enter a new series on  Mythbusters: Free Your Faith  with busting the myths of faith we’ve all grown to believe, such as “Everything Happens for a Reason”, “Tough Turns Mean Wrong Turns,” “God Wants Me to Be Happy,” “Good parents guarantee Good Kids”, and more..  This series is meant to help you grow from your developed understanding of walking with the spirit to free and boost your faith to the next level.  


The last fruit, or evidence of the Holy Spirit is Self-Control.  If you think of this series as a fireworks show, then think of our two weeks on Self-Control as our huge combined powerful finale.  If I do my job well, then I pray for eureka moments for us all as we see how all the fruit thus far lead to THE cure for the age-old strongest pull of our human-nature that as St Paul says, from which we can be freed: Self-Control. In a sense I see the cure for all addictive behavior in the discoveries of understanding the fruit of the Spirit.  So if you, your family, friends, neighbors or workmates are looking for help in dealing with struggles with Temperament, Treasure, Time, Tangibles, Thoughts, and/or the Tongue, then I hope you’ll join us for our concluding 2-parter I call, “Get a Hold of Yourself! And Walk with God”


I’ve been asked to let you know that you can once again leave contributions to the  Pastor’s Benevolence Discretionary Fund  on the altar rails on Communion Sundays, if you wish.  If you’d like your contribution recorded, either write a check or put cash in an envelope with your information.  We have a number of urgent needs among our membership that I would like us to help with in your name and the love of God working through you. 


This first October   Sunday evenin g, I will, FINALLY, hold a  Town Hall Meeting  of any of you who’d like to come so I can give an update on the status of our denomination and possible scenarios looking to the “called General Conference” in Feb of 2018.  I’ll tell you about the Wesleyan Covenant Association Meeting I attended and how you or our church can be a part, if they wish, AND Brenda and I will give two or three updates from the most recent leadership team meeting that we want feedback on.  Please bring a finger food item with you to share.  It will be over by 6 if we start by 5, to get you home before dark.


Pastor Jack


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