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Welcome to MyPUMC.ORG


Hello Church!   Isn’t it beautiful that we can email the church?  We can’t GO to a church or gather IN a church, but we are the church wherever we may be, together or apart.  We are those from the Methodist tradition who fellowship in and around our   lovely little city, called Parker.


Welcome to the Summer!  We’ve already gotten a running start into it. Next weekly I’ll complete my first year as your pastor with this our 12 th Newsletter.  During that time we’ve also sent out 52 weekly newsletters!


What a blessing it has been. Many memories have already been made.  We’ve lost some dear people, a few have gottenmarried, and just a few weeks ago we have our first baby in a long time. We’ve cried together. Grown together. Lost together. And won together.  But we are together, holding each other up, each other’s burdens and progressing toward being the true judgment and complaint free zone in and around Parker, set free to make disciples of Jesus Christ for its transformation.


With the start of my second year, I’m taking my family available on holiday for a few weeks to visit family in south Florida and some sights along the way.  The gracious Rev. Jon Laughlin and dear Kristina, are back with us after completing a year in      ministry at Millville.  So I’m putting Jon to work right away and grateful he will fill in for me in my absence, before they head out for their long holiday.


These newsletters, along with our website, Facebook page, and bulletins are my ways to improvement communication as was requested by SPR when I arrived. So we will all work humbly and graciously together to achieve better communication, transparency, adult and Christian spirits.  So in this effort we attached our updated financial statements. Through these efforts we together are increasing corporate involvement, responsibility, and ownership, which lessons the heavy loads of a few and are moving toward balancing them upon us all.  We are creeping toward putting every member in ministry, and leaving none behind. 


I believe most of us just need to know what is needed, how we can help, and where we can get involved.  We will do better at this, this year, but I need all ministry directors to inform their committee chairs where and what kind of assistance they need, then the chairs to compile that and send it to the office, so we can share it with everyone.  How exciting our future is when every one of us are fully vested in prayers, in participation, in our giving, in our service, and in our witness.


This coming year we will keep up this effort, seeking ways to work more effectively, smarter not harder, and employing and  deploying our members to  make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of Parker and our surrounding community.


What an active month we’ve had at PUMC

-   The Scouts were out camping and learning and serving. 

- The youth had an Ice Cream Social and then an All-Niter Lock-in . In one year our youth have grown from one or two to 11 or 12!  

- The children gathered for Ignite Wednesday and wrote letters to troops overseas.

- The Adult Ignite Group heard and shared beautiful testimonies that brought tears of hope, new life, and inspiration.

- The UM Women Mary & Martha Circle had an enjoyable luncheon, and

- Ms Pearl lead the finance ministry team , and their many helpers through a very successful Bargains & Bakes Sale .

-  The Trustees have spruced up everything from our flame (literally), to the fellowship hall carpet, painting the trim, and the east side of the parking lot is complete!


We continued our spring series on The Big 10: How God Saved Civilization into the summer. We will complete it this month and move into a new Summer Series at this point titled, Creed: What we believe, and Why we believe it. If you missed the   services and sermons or wish to hear them again, you can click on this link: Sunday Service Link


This coming Sunday we will focus in on # 8 “You Shall not Steal” considering

How God saved civilization through the preservation of property


Moving forward in the kingdom together, I am gratefully and humbly,


Pastor Jack



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