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            THE OLIVE BRANCH  -  August 2019



      FINANCIAL STATUS                                                                                                     

  It appears that for some time the congregation has been in the dark regarding our finances and that is about to change.  You may have noticed that in June we were short $5275.42 in operating funds to just pay our bills.  The finance committee will be meeting soon to discuss these shortfalls and the SPPR has met to discuss any changes or reductions in staffing.

Your continued support thru these tough times is needed more then ever.  It is clear that the majority of the membership is also dealing with their own financial losses related to Hurricane Michael.  We all need to come together and help each other as we move forward with repairing our homes, our church and our community.  Thanks again for your financial support.    Pastor Jon

MONTGOMERY SHED BUILDERS:                                                                             

  Thank you to Caroline Meadows, Gail Woodham, Kathy Schmidt, Kathy Musgrave, Janice Jennings, Brenda Hocking, Karen Williams, JoAnn Moore for providing meals   to the 6 First United Methodist church shed builders. They truly enjoyed the love and blessings you shared with them. The church received two sheds to replace the one that the hurricane destroyed. They are planning another trip down to assemble more sheds and I pray that you will be able to be a blessing to them when they come back.

FEED THE HUNGRY:                                                                                                   

  Rev. Ron Donnerstag is planning to resume the project that you have supported for many years. He stated that it might resume this September. When we are able to get a timeline I will update you. As I have heard every time I have attended “you maybe the only Jesus they meet.”

FOOD PANTRY:                                                                                                          

    Since we will be remodeling our building for several months, we are thinking ofpartnering with another ongoing church food pantry. We will be putting a box in theNarthex for you to donate non-perishable goods that will be delivered weekly to our  partner church. The need is great in the area and if you can bring in a few items a week it will be a huge help when we work together.


NURSERY HOME MINISTRY:                                                                                         

 A quiet ongoing outreach ministry that reaches the often forgotten and lonely elderly of Bay County nursing homes has been blessed this past month by a visit from  Bernie Shotts and Amanda Warren. The gentle smiles, hugs and hellos as well as 10 adult bibs and 5 crochet crosses have a lasting effect in the  memories and hearts of the residents and family members they encountered. If you are interested in visiting talk to Bernie to see when she’s heading there again and you also can be warmed by the Spirit by sharing your love with others.

TRUSTEE’S REPORT:                                                                                           

  I know that it seems that nothing is proceeding with the repair process of the church facilities. There actually has been great progress in resolving the issues that were keeping us from starting work. There were several issues with the  original contracts that were stopping us from signing contracts with a general contractor that could perform the entire project without having to piece meal it and at a price that is both fair and reasonable. We settled with RestoreMasters that had an AOB that seemed to initially be for the emergency repairs but turned out to be for much more. We made an offer to settle their bill in exchange for a release from the AOB. They agreed and the settlement was enacted. The next issue was another contractor that we originally signed with presented the church and insurance adjustor a large bill for their services. The insurance carrierdisputed the amount and the company filed suit with the courts for payment. Last week the insurance company and the contractor negotiated a settlement and the Trustee committee voted to accept it in exchange for a release of the suit and all other matters involving the church. We have signed a contract with Cotton   Commercial USA to repair the roofs at the main church facilities and at the    parsonage. Work will start as soon as weather and material delivery allow. The insurance company has agreed to the cost of the repairs. We are workingtoward finishing the estimate for the interior repairs to both the church facilities and the parsonage. We expect that that will occur in the next one to two weeks. The church received two donated sheds and are sitting temporarily on the  basketball court. They require some additional assembly so if we have any bored carpenters that would like to help please contact Bruce Strampe or Matt Dawson. 

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