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IGNITE! PUMC Weekly Newsletter Vol., 2 No. 36 – 1 April - 2019/02/27
In This Newsletter: A Word from the Pastor Recovery Updates Glory Sightings Lent Sermon Series Starts Sunday Looking into Lent Confirmation Classes Started Financial Stewardship Financial Corner Prayers & Praises of the Week Food Bank Ministry U



from the Pastor of the

UMC of Parker, FL

Starting a Fire of the Holy Spirit

Vol., 3  No. 37   –  21 April  2019

In This Newsletter:

A Word from the Pastor

Recovery Updates

Glory Sightings

Lent Sermon Series Starts Sunday

Looking into Lent

Confirmation Classes Start ed

Financial Stewardship

Financial Corner

Prayers & Praises of the Week

2019 Altar Flower Schedule


There’s a Place for you! (ministry position openings)



Hello Church!


Now, Holy Week 2019 is upon us.  There is much for you to join in on, AND many opportunities to serve and get involved.  We will join with Emmaus UMC as is our tradition. What is not tradition, is worshipping in broken up facilities.  Since Emmaus is need in the rebuild process, they will serve as the host church on Friday even though it will be here.  Their members are providing the luncheon which will begin at 1130 in our fellowship hall.  So please make every effort to come out and this uniquely allows US to support them by coming to our own event.

After lunch we will join in a unique Tenebrae style service based on the Last 7 responses to Christ on the Cross.

I hope to see you all and your friends in church this evening as we join Jesus and his disciples in the upper room, as I step your through a passover seder to put us in context for the remainder of our week.


Easter SUNDAY!

BELIEVING … With All Your Heart

Scriptures, we won’t read these all during the service, so consider “preparing” yourself by reading them now.

  • Acts 10:34-43
  • Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 (UMH 839)
  • 1 Corinthians 15:19-26
  • John 20:1-18



you can log on line and listen just a few hours after it is over, or download the MP4 to your podcast device.

Glory Sightings

My column this week shared the Glory Sighting of what is happening today, and this evening, at the Jenks Ave Church of Christ. 

News Herald:   Voices of Hope speak up and out this Wednesday .  


Recovery Updates

We have YARD team planning to come our way soon, and is looking for people in great need to get their yards re grown.  They want to serve, if you are in need let me know, Preferably include a photo or two.  A few of you told me you’d like them, but you haven’t sent me the info yet (and I can’t recall who you are J ), so please get back with me quickly on this.




Pastor Jack and Caroline Meadows will co-lead confirmation happening at the Sunday School hour (9:15AM).  If you have interest in attending this class for any reason, you are welcome to.  Just please let Pastor Jack or Caroline know soonest.  Confirmation will be held as part of the Easter “Resurrection Celebrations” on 21 April. If you have questions about faith, God or the Bible, then this class is for you, as ALL questions are “on the table.”




Sunday School is back !!   We may be dislocated but we are active.

- “ Friendship is meeting in the youth room                                       

- “ Builders is meeting in the fellowship hall                                                   

- “ Wired-Up is meeting in room 9                                                                                     

- “ Seekers is  meeting in the baby room in the fellowship hallway.               

  - “ Youth (Confirmation Class) is in room 6                                                                              

- “ Children are in the children''s church room                                             

All are welcome. Please come join us every Sunday ! 9:15 A.M.  (come early for donuts and coffee)



2019 Monthly & Annual General Fund budget: $ 15,459 & $185,516

Year to date GF expenses & contributions:  $ 54,740.21  &  $51,993.43

March to GF expenses & contributions: $19,982.64 & $17,090.43

April to date GF expenses & contributions: $4,585.58 & $6,498.00


This week:

Sunday School Classes: $50

Communion: $10

Tornado Relief – Lee County Alabama: $156

Gideons: $50

Pastors Discretionary: $220

General Offerings: $6,463.00






                                                 Food Pantry                                                                                                                            I would like to advise everyone that effective March 17th, the food pantry will be open to the congregation every Sunday after church for those in need of groceries.  We will continue this process until all groceries are gone.  Being that it will be quite a while before the food pantry will be  operational again,     I would like our own congregation to have access to these groceries rather than let what goods we have left expire. We don’t have an abundance to offer so please be mindful of others and take only what you need.  Hopefully this can be a small way that we can help our church family during the recovery process of hurricane Michael.   Blessings, Gail Woodham, Food Pantry Chair





















Please be in prayer this week for the following people.

1. Caroline Meadows - Eye surgery Tuesday April 9 - PUMC Family member Caroline Meadows

2. Debi''s Aunt Nancy - has a bad heart and doctor has to drain 2/3 liters of fluid - Daugher-in-law of Harold Horimoto

3. Larry Cook - Test came back negative - Brother of Brenda Hocking

4. Belinda''s Dad & Grandchild 

5. Stephen, Paula, Mike, Ron, J.J., Tony, Nell, Tom, Residents of Emerald Shores Nursing & Rehab Center - Friends & Neighbors of Audrey Bullard


Our Wonderful Pianist Pat McCormick 

Jim Stumps Tumor in lung is shrinking - Dawn Bellows Dad



2019 Altar Flower Update

 Since Hurricane Michael destroyed One Stop Flowers we have had to find other florist and the new cost for altar flowers is $35.  Also delivery is not included and would be an extra  $6.50.  We need help with a volunteer or volunteers who would be willing to pick up the flower arrangements on Saturdays and place them on the altar.

Still looking  for volunteer or volunteers J

Thank You,  Mr. John Briggs for picking up the last two orders.

  Please call the office if you can help.   Thank You, Office


                           Your Week at a Glance  


                         Holy Week at a Glance  


       Thurs    18 April        6:00 pm – Passover Communion Service                             

       Friday   19 April        11:30 am   - God’s Friday Tenebrae Service & Luncheon with the Emmaus UMC (in the fellowship hall)

                                                      Sun       21 April        6:00 am   – SonRise Service – at Shell Point by Bonita Bay

                                                            7:30 am -   Break the Lenten Fast – breakfast at the church fellowship hall

                                10:30am  - Resurrection Celebration with Confirmation


There’s a place for you!

If you know God is calling you to get involved and get serious about your vow to serve, then please call or come see me so we can discern together where God might have been saving a place just for you!

Among others, we need a new

- Hospitality Ministry Director, (sits on the congregational care & worship, and missions/outreach committees to ensure the congregation’s WELCOME is included in all their efforts with continuity and intentionality.)

- Congregational Care Chair (sits on Ad Council and oversees all related ministries to the care and nurture of the membership.  Works in conjunction with the Missions & Outreach Chair)

- Missions & Outreach Chair (sits on the Ad Counsel and oversees all related ministries of the membership TO our “Judea, Samaria, and the utter most parts of the world”)

- and most of our age group ministries

- Youth Ministry

- Young Adult Ministry,

- Older Adult Ministry


Just speak with me about the positions, I can send you descriptions and answer your questions. 


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