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IGNITE! PUMC Weekly Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 29 – 18 Feb - 2019/02/27
In This Newsletter: Pastor’s Update with Called General Conference Helps Ignite Children’s Update A letter of thanks Recovery Update Glory Sightings Winter Sermon Series Starts Sunday Looking into Lent Ministry Restarts Update Financial Stewardsh



from the Pastor of the

UMC of Parker, FL

Starting a Fire of the Holy Spirit

Vol. 2, No. 2 9 –   22 February 2019




Hello Church!


The called General Conference of the United Methodist Church will begin this Saturday at 9AM CST in St Louis, and continue until Tuesday 6:30PM.


Be in prayer for powerful moving of the holy spirit over the people and place where they are gathering.  To me, such a moving is the only hope that will hold our church together, i.e. a miracle.


If you’d like to tune in, this is a link to the live open stream .   


If you’ve got a lot of interest (and time) here’s the link to the document that reviews the entire conference, who’s there, the schedule of events, the number of delegates from each conference around the world, and ALL of the proposals to be considered.  General Conference Handbook


And More:

Click here to access the dedicated area on the AWF Website related to General Conference 2019, including a list of delegates

Click here for the live stream .

Click here to access the agenda .

Click here to access the Advance Daily Christian Advocate .

Click here to access the Commission on A Way Forward Plans .

Click here to access the translated Commission on A Way Forward Plans .

Click here to access a helpful Q and A document .

Click here to access the most recent video message from Bishop David Graves .

Click here to access a prayer written by Rev. Jeremy Steele that may be used in your local church


Last Sunday we installed most of our new officers for 2019.  Be in prayer for them throughout the year, and offer your support to them in however they may need your gifts.  I distributed a first draft of our 2019 Every Member in Ministry (EMIM) form.  Many of you, along with Margaret at the office, are helping me tighten up this document and get it correct as possible so that each of you know where to direct any offers of support.  Also remember if you have a “good idea” for any committee or ministry we have a form to help that be seen and considered.  Just email or drop by the office for a copy.  I’ve attached the updated EMIM.  Please have a look and route any improvements to it up through your chairs and to the front office.  Thank you.


Ignite Children’s Ministry Update

As far as good news, prior to the storm the IGNITE children’s ministry wrote letters to troops and others serving in Afghanistan.  They sent them to one of my family member who shared them with others.  The children’s letters would bring tears to your eyes, but also some of the troops replying would.  A few weeks ago we received a reply that sat in the Ignite box for a while, but when Karen got it and opened it, there was something there for the whole church, or at least all those who help with the Ignite ministry, check out the certificate they sent us (attached).  Here’s a copy of the coin (RMO) that Capt Phillip sent Mitchell along with a personal letter to him.


Thank You … from the Barrier Family

Thank you Parker UMC for your support, prayers, thoughts, and compassion for our mother.  Parker Methodist opened their arms for our family during our time of grief after Trinity Methodist was destroyed.  We truly were blessed that you were there for us. Thank you so much,

Blessings to you all!


Recovery Updates

I’ve got more work teams coming over the next couple weeks and months.  I first direct them to our member’s needs, so if you have one, you’ve just got to let me know about it.  Please send a thorough description (preferably with photos).

The conference is getting better organized to help us as well.  See attached flyer on this effort.

I have three groups preparing to come our way to take up projects over the next two months.  If you are still in need of help with your house, or your loved ones, please write down the details of your need (or reply to this email) and give to the pastor as soon as possible so he can put you in queue.   





(and ride to church)

One of our newest members from Trinity UMC in Millville, elderly and handicapped, Shirley Dunn  needs a new washing machine.  If any of you have an extra or know of one, please give her a call at …. She would also like to attend our worship services but cannot do it without a lift. If you can help her out and live near her, please give her a call, and let me know if you are able to help her.  Also Shirley is asking if someone can drive her to church services.

8508742714, (850) 481-9779

7320 Chippewa B1, PC FL 32404


        This week I shared a blog from one of my mentors in ministry, John Ed Mathison.  It was from him where I learned the why, why & how of employing ever member in ministry (EMIM).


Winter Season Sermon Series


See all the People

Luke 5-9

Pt 3:  The Questioning Crowd – 24 February

Read ahead:  Luke 6:27-38

This message of reaching people and expanding the church into the community then began to bear fruit as churches began launching campaigns to strengthen their own disciple-making systems. As we began preparation for this series, we noticed that one element seemed apparent throughout all the scriptural narratives: people who were always present around Jesus because of his preaching, teaching, and healing. Jesus truly saw all the people; and as a result, the people were always with him. As the church makes connections in the community to bring people to know Christ, we would do well to make note of the way Jesus responded to the crowds.

In the first week of the series, the pressing crowd is mentioned alongside Jesus’ encouragement for his first disciples to go fishing. The image of the fish breaking the nets becomes an image analogous with the people “pressing in” on Jesus. The second week recalls “a great crowd of Jesus’ disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea, Jerusalem, and the coast of Tyre and Sidon” (Lk. 6:17).

They were expecting Jesus to heal them. This image is a powerful one as we imagine the crowd relentlessly reaching for Jesus, that they might touch him and receive his healing power. Week three involves a departure for our planning team, as we put ourselves in the shoes of the crowd listening to Jesus’ sermon. The message of loving enemies was (and is) so countercultural that it still causes us to question our very instincts as powers threaten to overtake and divide us. Week four, Transfiguration Sunday, presents a dramatic scene as Jesus is transfigured as he stands with Moses and Elijah. Jesus, Peter, John, and James then descended the mountain, and Jesus healed a boy with a demon—to the astonishment of “a great crowd” (Lk. 9:37).

Upon reflection of the entire season after Epiphany this year, we find a comprehensive way to make connections with our communities: discover our spiritual gifts, understand our need for one another and the love of God, and know that wherever Jesus goes, a crowd is sure to follow. The question is: “Are our churches ready to go and meet the crowds as we ‘see all the people’?”




Week 4: Transfiguration Sunday March 3 The Astounded Crowd

Luke 9:28-43


If you are not able to make the worship service, you can log on line and listen just a few hours after it is over, or download the MP4 to your podcast device.



Looking into Lent:

Shrove Pancake “Briner” cooked up by the UM Men’s Ministry, 6PM 6 March, Fellowship Hall

Ash Wednesday Service, 7PM  6 March, Sanctuary





Pastor Jack and Caroline Meadows will co-lead confirmation to being on 3 March at the Sunday School hour (9:15AM).  If you have interest in attending this class for any reason, you are welcome to.  Just please let Pastor Jack or Caroline know soonest.  Confirmation will be held as part of the Easter “Resurrection Celebrations” on 21 April


Church Ministry Restarts -- Updated

If you are part or a leader of one of ministries, can you please reply with what your restart plans are at this point?  I realize we have to make do with the many changes the storm incurred, but I’m thinking of:



- Sunday School classes (A couple more of our Sunday School classes for re-started last week)

- Women’s bible study,  (waiting confirmation for who will be leading this group going forward.  .. Please reply)

- UM Women’s Ministry,  (potentially being led by Stacy Stanley & Joyce Casey, TBD for word on the February gathering of the Mary/Martha Circle)

-  Ignite Children & Youth Ministries  (this is on hold until our ministry partners recover/return, and/or we have new leaders to take over, especially for our Weds program. Contact the church office,  new CE Director Brenda Hocking or the Pastor to get engaged).

-  Walk to Emmaus Fellowship ( this is on hold until people dig themselves out)

- Food Bank  (this is on tentative hold until people dig themselves out)

- Feed the Hungry (the entire program has been turned off for now)

- Pastors Wednesday Bible Study:  6PM – is back and meeting in the youth hall, ALL are invited

- Scouting:  Though trimmed down, both Cubs and Boys and have restarted, both on Mondays, 5:30pm & 6:00pm respectively

- Monday Prayer Meeting: 9AM, has restarted on a week to week basis

- and what am I missing?





2019 Monthly & Annual General Fund budget : $16,522 & $198,270

Year to date GF expenses & contributions:  $19,542  & $26,875

February GF expenses & contributions:  $5,336 & $11,498

Last week:

UM Men’s Ministry: $175

Sunday School: $20

Sanctuary Roof: $40

General Offerings: $2,033

Current Prayer Concerns

Remember these persons in your daily prayers this week:

  1. Amanda Warren - Breast biopsy Wednesday, Feb 20 - PUMC family
  2. Jim Emig - Heart & breathing issues. Heart cath on Feb 25 - PUMC family Mike Guthrie
  3. Victoria & Lucy - Cancer returned going through chemo - Friends of Jim & Janice Jennings
  4. Pam Rule - Hip replacement - Former member
  5. Freda Green - Lung cancer
  6. Sheri Mark – Hospitalized
  7. Ken Miller - Treatments

Thank you,

Prayer Coordinator





Your Week at a Glance 

                                Weds  20 Feb        6:00 pm –  Pastor’s Bible Study

Thurs   21  Feb       6:00 pm - Trustees meeting

Sat       23 Feb         9:00 am -  Called General Conference begins

Sun     24  Feb        9:15 am – Sunday School

Mon    25 Feb          9:00 am -- Prayer Group

                                6:00 pm – Cub Scouts

                                6:30 pm – Boy Scouts

                                6:00 pm -- Choir Practice

This Weeks Birthday’s

Feb 10  John Briggs

Feb 12 Vickie Cable



Scout ing Update

Cub Scouts has moved meeting day to Mondays at 6-7pm. Boy Scouts will meet still on Mondays 6:30-8pm. Brandi and Tim Mabius are still contact  people for scouts. Butch Ross also can communicate things between scouts and church. Get involved, offer to help out, perhaps teaching one of your skills to the boys. Brandi Mabius 



T eachers who would like, may start their Sunday school class next week as able, as long as they can put their rooms together.

If they need help, I’ll be happy to do s.

Thank you. Amanda



There’s a place for you!


If you know God is calling you to get involved and get serious about your vow to serve, then please call or come see me so we can discern together where God might have been saving a place just for you!


Among others, we need a new

- Hospitality Ministry Director, (sits on the congregational care & worship, and missions/outreach committees to ensure the congregation’s WELCOME is included in all their efforts with continuity and intentionality.)

- Congregational Care Chair (sits on Ad Council and oversees all related ministries to the care and nurture of the membership.  Works in conjunction with the Missions & Outreach Chair)

- Missions & Outreach Chair (sits on the Ad Counsel and oversees all related ministries of the membership TO our “Judea, Samaria, and the utter most parts of the world”)

- and most of our age group ministries

- Youth Ministry

- Young Adult Ministry,

- Older Adult Ministry


Just speak with me about the positions, I can send you descriptions and answer your questions.



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