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IGNITE! PUMC Weekly Newsletter 8 December 2018 - 2018/12/19
In This Newsletter: Pastor’s Update Men’s Ministry Breakfast Advent Candle Lighting Readers FEMA update News Herald Column Inventory Input Requested Link to pictures of damage & progress Damaged items list Advent Party and much more ...



from the Pastor of the

UMC of Parker, FL

Starting a Fire of the Holy Spirit

Vol. 2, No. 19 – 7 December 2018




Greetings, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ called out to the People of Parker and the East Bay Communities


Many of us don''t have internet, so please share this around with those who don''t


This Sunday is the second Sunday in the Church Year of 2018-19 with the first Second in Advent.  Can you believe it?!.  


Our Advent Series is in the lectionary this year and titled “Prepare the Way”….  Last week we began with our first step in Preparing the Way for the Christ Mass: To Stand.   To stand up, to sit up, to raise your heads, to live with confidence and hope, to be alert because our redemption is drawing near.


This week we will look at the next step in preparing for a life change, and that is To Refine.  Like last week, that may not mean much to you at first, so have a look, and read through the scriptures to see if you can catch where we’re headed.  (you also can click on them to read them and some of the notes)


Malachi 3:1-4   //  Luke 3:1-6



Men’s Ministry Breakfast: 8 AM 8 Dec 18, Fellowship Hall



Advent Candle lighting Readers:

If you can get together with your family, or a group of 3 or more friends to lead an opening of all our advent services, please reply with which Sunday you’d like to light the candle, including the Christ candle on Christmas Eve. The readings are attached.


There is much progress in the repairs at the church and parsonage.  Feel free to look around this weekend. We should be able to get Sunday School rolling again, but I’m still waiting to hear on that.  You can still have a unified single class.  Just pick your favorite teacher and have them lead this Sunday.


Our UMC organized disaster relief team is operating out of Woodlawn UMC at PCB.  Many of you have started to see them come your way and help out.  Again as you get yourself on your feet, consider joining a team to help another.  I now have access to their website ( If you want to be on the list for any kind of assistance, just let me kn ow. I’ll copy in our list here.  If your needs on this list have changes OR been taken care of, please let me know so we can update it accordingly.



News Herald Column

If your newspaper isn’t getting delivered (like mine), here’s a link to last week’s column if you haven’t seen it my column was about First UMC at PC and their now late pastor, Steve Rascoe.  




Inventory Input Requested


If you are interested in the progress around our facilities, I’ve uploaded all the pictures taken from the beginning to now.  You’ll also see all the damage.  I bet you’ll see there was a LOT more than you thought.



Here’s a list of all the items I caught that I think are damaged.  If you can remember what was in any of the rooms that you use occasionally, you can help add to this list:




FEMA Help:

Are you confused with who to apply for relief from FEMA , on how or why to apply for an SPA loan/grant, or how or why to apply for a Florida PA loan/grant?  You aren''t alone.  Especially since most still don''t have phone or internet, and even with that these services are confusing. After attending 3 events by FEMA and related agencies I''m slowly getting smart on this, and am willing to help any of you do the same. ...  First, you must apply for a SPA/SBA loan to qualify for any assistance.  So if you haven''t done that yet, the deadline is nearing.  If you want help with this, there are FEMA disaster assistance places set up.  One is in a tent at the Callaway Park. You''ll need to submit a FEMA claim first, and have your number with you.  OR they can help you do that as well.  Use this info to help your neighbours.


If you have a team provide services to your house, make sure you capture the value of that service, as it can reduce your deductible for those with insurance. Also you can call Crisis Clean up at 800-451-1954 with your needs and questions.  Just tell them you are a member of our church.


If you''ve not received your News Heralds as of late (I haven''t) I hope you can get online and read my columns written in the weeks following the storm.. Here''s this past Saturdays  Angels Standing




Now for the upcoming Advent Party:

Advent Party!

Saturday  12/08 from 2-4pm CST on the Parker UMC grounds



This will be community wide and open to all.


Here is what we hope to have:

- Cookie decorating

- Large games ( like corn hole and jenga)

- Music playing

- Hot cocoa bar ( can we plug in a hot water pot to make the cocoa?)

- Smaller games and activities.

-- Christmas Store for the parents

We want this to be open and fun for all— just an opportunity for respite. Hopefully most of you on the Ignite Kids program staff can help out.  Please tell your Ignite kids about this.

Let Justine know your thoughts and ideas.(Justine Hicks < >) She would especially love and hope to have some extra volunteers to help staff games and play with the littles.





If able please print out the Stewardship Membership Vow card for 2019 and bring with you.

January 13 we will have a communal commitment service, and installation of 2019 officers.

You can complete it and email it to the office.

Together we will rise from the Ashes.

We ARE the church, called out to our world.

God is good … and so are you who serve Him and each other in love.





2019 Membership Vow & Stewardship Renewal Form

Parker United Methodist Church

...whoever sows generously will also reap generously . . .. . . for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 NIV


My Prayers: As able, I vow to pray through the church prayer list [ ] daily [ ] weekly [ ] monthly.

Are you on or would you like to be on the email and/or telephone prayer chain? _________


My Presence: As able, I vow to attend [ ] Worship [ ] Weds Study [ ] Seasonal programs, [ ] Sunday School


My Gifts: As able, I vow to financially contribute to the work of the Lord and the Parker UMC General Fund

$ __________ per [ ] week (x52) or [ ] month (x12) = $__________ annual total


My Service: As able, I vow to serve the Parker UMC congregation and its ministries in alignment with my talents/gifts and

ministry interests shared in the 2018 Interest Inventory. submitted already ____, or attached ____


My Witness: I vow to invite one new person to Sunday worship or weekly program ____ weekly ____ monthly


Name: _________________________________________________ 

Date ____________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________







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