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IGNITE! PUMC Weekly Newsletter 9 October 2018 - 2018/10/16
Pastor’s Update Preaching Schedule Get your Team PUMC Green T-Shirts! Summer Children, Youth & Adult groups update Trunk or Treat is coming! School Supply Drive PUMC Directory Link Your Weekly Stewardship Report Brightening Flame Report This Week



from the Pastor of the

UMC of Parker, FL

Starting a Fire of the Holy Spirit

Vol. 2, No. 13 – 9 Oct 2018

       In this article:

Pastor’s Update

Preaching Schedule

Get your Team PUMC Green T-Shirts!

Summer Children, Youth & Adult groups update

Trunk or Treat  is coming!

School Supply Drive

PUMC Directory Lin k

Your Weekly Stewardship Report

Brightening Flame Report

This Week’s Program Schedule  

20th Week in Pentecost



Hello Everyone!  There’s a storm a comin’!   We need everyone to have a couple “storm buddies”  Be talking to your friends and nearby family.  If you need to get out and don’t have a place, you can always bring your sleeping back to the chapel.  If you live within the predicted storm surge you should leave today and get yourself somewhere higher.


During the storm be checking on each other, after the storm when the all clear is given, get out to visit each other you can’t contact. 


We are no strangers to storms, but sometimes that makes us discount the danger or risk. 


In preparation for the storm coming through on Wednesday, if you don’t already have a “buddy” to team up with in taking care of each other,  let the church know so we can get someone to team with.  If you are in the potential surge area, please get out.  If necessary, you can stay at the church.  If you do move somewhere for the storm, please let us know so we don’t go looking for you when you’re not home.


The rain will start this evening , then the wind.  If your house is covered or near large trees, you should evacuate even if your house is on high ground.  


We are all cancelling Wednesday evening activities, but will have the church open for anyone needing a safe place.


You might want to fill your bathtubs with water, move anything unsecured outside inside, build up your ice, charge all your devices, buy batteries.


Again if you are leaving your residence please let the office know.


Together the church will love, serve, protect and care.


Welcome to Fall, y’all!  October is here and though we have some leaves falling, the temperatures certainly aren’t!  But with Fall we also have a pick-up in activity that builds excitement through the holidays.  This month we hopefully will receive membership vow renewal from all of you along with the ministries form where you’ll state where you’d like to serve 2019.  You can mark as many as you have interest in, but don’t worry, you’ll only be as involved as you wish in each.


Hopefully all of you have received these forms. If you haven’t you will today, as I’ll attach them. 


Here’s my primary challenge for us this year:  Step Up in Faith.   Eye hath not seen nor ear heard what impact our local church can make in the transformation of our community through reaching and including them in the fellowship and love of our congregation.  Some of you need to step up to a tithe, and some towards a tithe. Some of you might realize it’s time to invest in the capitol funds of our church for honorariums and memorials.  We will have our stewardship committee working on these opportunities.  If you’d be willing to serve on this new committee please reply to this email and let me know.


Prayerfully consider how you should cheerfully invest in the kingdom of God, through prayers, presences, gifts, service and witness.  Step up where God calls you.  Even if you have no more time, or effort to give, you can pray more & give more. I rarely give challenges on giving since this is such a personal decision, and certainly guilt is not the best path toward cheerfulness.


Last year it appears we received vows from 60% of the membership along with a few from those who aren’t.  My goal is to receive vows from every member.  Whether in prayers, presence, gifts, service, or witness, we all should do something.  We all need to do our part in growing the church up in love as each part does its work (E ph 4).


Our very small staff is overworked and underpaid.  But they serve with smiles and dedication to the Lord.  I hope that we can through our campaign find we can increase hours & pay, so the “overworked” part become more blessed.  In the meantime you can make this easy for our financial staff by promptly sending in your vow.  My hope is we will have all 154 of you present on stewardship Sunday.  We will make a communion of our vows to serve not ourselves, not each other, not even the church, but our Lord & Savior who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, and ordained us before the creation of the world to do good works and of course in doing so gave us all we need to do them. (E ph 2:10)


If you can’t make it on Sunday, please have your vow card to the church office by the 11th so they can be placed together in the basket as a full representation of our vision for next year.  Help the staff by getting yours in then so they don’t have to track you down, or put each other in an awkward conversation.  If you aren’t going to make a vow (which is still a vow), then make sure you return your card with your name and intentions included. 


This is all in an effort to include everyone who has officially made these vows before the church in the plans for what we will accomplish in God’s name and to God’s Glory in 2019!


If you wish, you can fill out the forms  attached  and return them by replying to this email.  


If you don’t collect the newspaper,  y ou can   read my column this week on my effort to bring Family Promise to Bay County:   Glory Sightings .  For those interested, we held our first organizing meeting with the regional director at St Andrews UMC.  We had a good showing for the first effort.  4 came from Parker and there was a unanimous decision of all present to continue the conversation toward a community gathering.


Now, This coming Sunday we will return to our Fall series, Creed: What we Believe and Why we Believe it with:


I believe in  Christ’s coming   Judgment ;

Read ahead:   Isaiah 61, Acts 1:1-11 & 24:10-16



14 Oct – Fall Series, “Creed” part five: “The Judgment” & Stewardship Commitment Sunday

21 Oct  - Laity Sunday, Men’s Ministry & Schmidtty

28 Oct – Fall Series, “Creed”  part seven:  “We Believe in Holy Ghost” (Halloween, All Saints Day Sunday)

4 Nov – Fall Series, “Creed” part eight: “We Believe in the Church and Communion of the Saints”


Ministry Partner Positions Open for 2019

Please review these ministry positions and be in prayer if God is leading you to one of them:

Keep in mind the Children’s, Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinators will have the assistance of our new, energetic and hardworking Student Minister

If you are willing to consider one of these, please speak with the pastor to receive a copy the details & guidelines or contact the office with your interest.



GET YOUR GREEN Parker UMC  T-Shirts!


If you would like to order a t-shirt Debbie King  has started a New list, she has to have at least 12 orders before it can be placed


Cost $ 10 for S to 1X  and  $12 for 2XX and up.


Help with Resources for our Senior Citizens and Singles

The  office is looking to update the recommended resources on the bulletin board near the welcome centre.  Air conditioning maint/repair, Electricians, Plumbers, Home repair/updating,  All-purpose Handyman, Auto  Mechanics,  Auto tire,  many of those that are currently on have either retired or moved. The resources have been very helpful to our seniors  and single ladies of the congregation.  If you can recommend people you have used and trust, please let us know in the office.  Call 871-4747 or Email

OLD BIBLES? … Give them New Life

Do you have some Bibles laying around that are collecting dust?  How about we given them away?  If you have some Bibles that could live again, please bring them by the church and leave them in the clothes closet room.  Next time we go out into the community, such as Feed the Hungry, we will offer Bibles to anyone who wants them.

Wednesday Summer Children’s Ignite


IGNITE Children''s Ministry invites all children grades K-5th to join us for




Attention Church Members!    We want this event to be a huge success and encourage everyone to participate. If you would like to decorate your car and give out candy please see Caroline Meadows to sign-up.


Parker United Methodist Church



October 31, 2018--6:00PM-7:30PM

Parker UMC Fellowship Hall Parking Lot

Please join us for Trunk or Treat! Cars will be decorated for Halloween and handing out tasty treats. Wear your costume and come have some fun!


*Please note no Ignite Children''s Meeting or meal will be served on the 31st.



IGNITE Children''s Ministry had a great time September 12th, as the kick-off to our weekly meetings after the Summer Break. There were 14 children in attendance and they all had a great time and were happy to be back. Our new curriculum is "Slimed" and our first week was "Selfish Slime". The bible lesson was from Genesis 25:21-34 where the children learned about Esau selling his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew. Through music, skits, large group and small group sessions, we discussed how God wants us to put His plans first and ours second. When we learn to put God first, we can avoid the sticky situation that Esau created.  All children K-5th grade are invited to join us as we continue learning about more " Slimed ".

Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

Meal served at 6:00 pm and pick-up time is 7:30 pm. Each week we will use slime to teach kids about the life of Jacob.


Program Overview : Sometimes in life it feels like we''ve been slimed! Sometimes it''s because of decisions we make,   sometimes it''s from decisions others make that hurt us. Through the life of Jacob, kids will learn that when we stick to God, He can make something beautiful out of any slimy situation.


Weekly Lessons:    Selfish Slime,    Lying Slime, Seeing Past Our Slime, Other People''s Slime, Working With Slime, Becoming Slime Proof,

Helping Others Out of Slime and Slimy Masterpiece.


*We are in desperate need of 1 more teacher and 2  assistant teachers for this ministry …  could this be you?

Blessings Eddie & Karen Williams, Katie Hunley   Ignite Children’s  Ministry


Consider joining this Summer    the

Wednesday Adult Ignite Study

This  week’s study  will be led by Pastor Jack Stanley  “Stand Strong”  a Discipleship study through Ephesians.


Ignite Adult Bible Study:   This Wednesday, the youth & adults will gather at 6 PM.  The Adults are starting a new Adult Bible Study, “Stand Strong: Spiritual Resilience the Ephesians Way.”  It’s a study in Ephesians written by yours truly, developed over the course of a military career, imaged as joining, training, fighting, and winning over evil.  Last week we covered the recruitment of a soldier in Christ. 


Wednesday Summer Youth Program



Youth:  Water Wars gives non electronic exercise to youth.  And a wet time was made by all.  Kathy S. has must see videos.


To All save shoe boxes.   We want a Shoe Box Packing Party for Ignite this fall.



Children''s Church :  Opening for ministry partners for teachers to teach (1) week per month.  The curriculum, activities, and snacks are provided.  The rewards would surprise you.  Answer God''s call.




Nursery:  All those who plan to rock in the nursery, please get your background check completed.  You may get forms from the office and return them back there.


Donna and Sunshine are working to accomplish their goals for the nursery.  In some church studies the nursery is the most important department in the church.   Think about that!   Let us work together to save the Children.  There is power in synergy.   Caroline


 We are always in need of NEW to those in need good condition used clothing and shoes (Season Appropriate please.)

  We are a blessed people.     Caroline Meadows  Director


Link to PUMC 2018  Directory

Hello all, our online directory is fully built and accessible. Please keep your contact information up to date. For access click on the director link above.  You’ll need to enter the access code. If you wish to change/improve the information on the directory, just email the information to the church office. You can even change your photo. We can add family units that missed the photo shoots.  You can also download the entire directory.

  Members Access Code:  the last 5 of our office phone number. 

ATTENTION: To all our home or medical care bound members, and anyone in need of prayer or counsel:


Pastoral Counselling  & Care  Available

Church Office is Open for Monday Appointments through the church office


If you’d like to meet with the pastor, call the church office to make a Monday appointment.  If you are homebound, and would like a home visit by the pastor or a congregational care ministry member, contact the church office to inform them when your preferred time is, and someone will contact you.  If you’d like First Sunday Communion served to you, let us know along with where we can find you and how we can contact you.   If you are going into the hospital or having surgery, we’d like to know so we can pray for you, and if desired, visit you at the clinic, or home.






Please be in prayer for the following people this week.

  1. Jim Stumpf - Surgery Monday, October 8 - Dad of Dawn Bellows
  2. Shirley McNamara - Continue prayers of strength while going through cancer - PUMC Family Kathy Musgrave
  3. Pearl & Garry Guidas - Travel mercies - Pearl Guidas
  4. Gary Guidas & Becky - Son and Girl Friend of Pearl Guidas
  5. Stephen, Paula, Ron, Mike, Maurice, Iris, Phebia, Mildred, Donna, Cheryl, James, Ruth, Freddie, Cynthia, Jean, Bobbi, Annie, Delores, Wilma, Lisa, Daen, Mary, Mary, Darlyn, Dudley, Phillip, Irma, Eileen, J.J., Tony, Bonnie, Richard, Louise, Luvada, Chris, Mike, Tammy, Ann, Vicki, Vicki, David, Joyce, Anita, Margaret, Audrey P., Audrey M., Martha, Margaret, Sunshine, Betty, Chong, Caroline''s Mom., Residents of Emerald Shores Nursing & Rehab Center - Friends & Neighbors of Audrey Bullard.


The birth of our 4th great-grand baby "Alice Rose Rawding" born on Tuesday, 18 September to Christina (Horimoto) & Andrew Rawding.  Harold & Alice Horimoto

Stewardship Campaign 2019


If you are not able to be here this Sunday Oct 14th , you can also complete it via computer (attached  to this e-mail) and email it to the financial secretary  Susan Covington  if you’d like.  I am excited in the level of commitment of those who submitted pledges this year for what it means for next year .




*operating funds have dropped below $25K which stops any designated spending

Please catch up on your intended giving if you are behind, and thank you for your consistent giving through the year.    



Oct Week 1

Presence, Prayers & Service  

Oct Week 1

Giving Report

Mo …………….....Intercessory Prayer




                          10 & 9

                           6 & 6



       ………………………………Ladies’ Bible Study

       ……………………………………….Choir Practice

     …………………………………………….Boy Scouts

Tu.………….....……..…… Cub Scouts

 Wed   Ignite Family Nite………………….. Total





                       9 & 14

                        8 & 2













Su  ………..…….... SundaySchool/Life Groups

     ………………..………………. Morning Worship

     ………………………………… Children’s Church  

  Total people  &  $ in Missions/Outreach

                 Total small groups & ppl involved

              Total Worship Attendance  & Giving

        Week’s total & combined Participation

        Ignite,   BS,   LST=

            18  &  total 252 

T-Shirts:  $117,

Staff Appreciation: $590


139  & 208


Total October  to Date   -  Total Year to Date

            $6,883          -         $151,241.00

Total Budget :

Minimum Monthly BudgetRequirements: $17,125   – Yearly: $205,495 – 2018 -- Vision Goal $300K


Brightening Flame Report

We have lights!  …

and improved restrooms, and fluorescent safety yellow berms!





9-15 Oct


Weekly  Activities are Cancelled – Hurricane Michael

Tuesday  9 Oct    

6:15 pm  –    Cub Scouts



Wednesday  10 Oct        Cancelled

10-12noon Food Pantry


5:45pm    -   Gathering & Games

6:00pm    -   Opening & Supper

6:30pm    -   Ignite Children, Youth & Adult groups


Thursday   11 Oct      Cancelled

6:00pm   Missions Mtg


Saturday    13 Oct           Cancelled ?

8:00am   Men’s Group Mtg



Sunday  14 Oct  

  9:15 am  -   Sunday School  LifeGroups

10:30am   Weekly Worship Service  w/ Childre n’s Church

                         Stewardship Sunday- Bring Your   2019  Vow/Pledge   &  Talents & Gifts  Form

12:00noon  Administrative Council Mtg


Monday   15 Oct

    9:00am   - Prayer  Ministry

10:00am -     Bible Study

   6:00pm   -   Choir   practice

   6:30pm -      Scouts









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