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IGNITE! PUMC Weekly Newsletter Vol. 2 , No. 45 - 2019/06/26
In This Newsletter: A Word from the Pastor Recovery Updates Glory Sightings Spring Sermon Series Young at Heart Luncheon Friday Homecoming Service with former pastor & Dinner on Grounds Father’s Day Worship, Potluck & Tree Dedication Student Outre



from the Pastor of the

UMC of Parker, FL

  Vol 2 No 35.   –    19 June 2019

In This Newsletter:

A Word from the Pastor 

Glory Sightings

Student Outreach Ministry – Volleyball Get involved with youth

Financial Corner

Prayers & Praises of the Week

2019 Altar Flower Schedule


There’s a Place for you! (ministry position openings)

Pastor’s Update

Hello all, 

First let me share my deep appreciation to Kathy Schmidt, the SPPRC, and all of you who gave us cards, beautiful notes, gifts, and a wonderful going away dinner.  Your future looks bright! 

I know I said last week’s newsletter update was my last, SO, I won’t include an update here.  BUT I don’t want to conclude my updates with out sending a huge shout out to Susan Covington who has assisted me in producing the majority of these newsletter. Her patience and diligence on this and many endeavors has been nothing short of stellar.

I hope this week many of you are giving all you’ve got to support the Volleyball camp that Caroline has organized, which promises to help “re-ignite” our Children’s Ministry.

I''''''''''''''''ve been working to increase the ways and means of contributions since I arrived here.  At last, as I head out, we''''''''''''''''ve arranged a trial run option for easy electrons giving.  To get yours going or to try it out jump on our website and click on the photolink "Giving":


Or direct: 

PUMC ELECTRONIC Payment Set up link


You can set up auto-giving single gifts or recurring in any rotation (weekly/monthly/etc) your can also give to approved designated accounts . Set it up and forget it. It also will keep your giving record and make it available to you at any time. 

Robert “Schmitty” Schmidt  PUMC Lay Leader will give the message this Sunday  June 23rd.

“How To Get Where Your Going”  

Our New Interim Pastor, Rev. Jon Laughlin, will be with us starting Sunday July 7th.  Tell your friends and plan to make an enthusiastic crowd in support of him and Kristina and they continue Pastor Jack’s efforts to get financial assistance from FEMA, and work with the Trustees and Bruce Strampe to rebuild our facilities. 

Glory Sightings

My column this week shared the Glory Sighting

News Herald Link:   GLORY SIGHTINGS: Of walks, fathers and wives

Student Ministry

Student Ministry  “ Volley for Christ”  a 3 day volleyball camp  starts tonight !  

Tues  18  June     Volley for Christ

                              3-5pm     Grades 3rd to 5th

                              5-7pm      Grades 6th to 8th.

Wed. 19 June       Volley for Christ

                              3-5pm     Grades 3rd to 5th

                              5-7pm     Grades 6th to 8th.

Thurs 20 June        Volley for Christ

                              3-5pm     Grades 3rd to 5th

                              5-7pm     Grades 6th to 8th.


For further information on helping contact Caroline Meadows  or  850-628-0542

Registration Link Below:

Recovery Updates

BIG UPDATE:  The UMCOR team through the organization of our conference and donations of church members around the world, literally, we have teams now organized to help us all recover, and they promise they are here for the long haul.

So HERE is the phone number.  Call to tell them anything you need help with, they are set up to take the big projects or the small.

Even if I’ve already put you in for a work order, you need to call the number to open a new one. Even if you’ve had multiple teams come to help but you need more, these are different teams and they will do all they can to get you help. 

ALSO this is for your neighbors and friends.  Even if they aren’t members of PUMC or any Methodist church, as long as they know and feel the love of Christ and our members around the world you can give the number to them:

Call:  740-3966



2019 Monthly & Annual General Fund budget: $15,459 & $185,516


Year to date GF expenses & contributions:  exp.$ not avail.   &  $76,271.20

April GF expenses & contributions: $13,996.75  &  $10,571.97

May to date GF expenses & contributions$10,752.80  &  $10,791.86

June to date GF expenses & contributions: exp. $ not avail.  &  $9,811.00


5/29/2019  Received  Insurance check-Insured Hurricane Michael Damages:  $301,972.75

6/3/2019 Pay Out made to Restore Masters: $60,000


This Weeks Offering :  6/16/2019

Sunday School Classes: $120

Sanctuary Roof: $50

General Offerings: $1,555.00

PUMC ELECTRONIC Payment Set up link



Please be in prayer this week for the following person.

Danny Hunter - Surgery Monday June 17 - Uncle of David Loveless

Thank you,

Prayer Coordinator

2019 Altar Flowers

UPDATE!  Anna, owner of One Stop Flowers that was destroyed by Hurricane Michael, is now working at Hallmark Florist corner of  MLK Blvd & Bus 98.                   

  Anna has volunteered to deliver our Altar Flowers on Saturday to the church at no charge!

  If you see Anna tell her thank you & what a Blessing to our church!   J  




Your Week at a Glance

Tues.  18  June     Volley for Christ

                              3-5pm     Grades 3rd to 5th

                              5-7pm      Grades 6th to 8th.

Wed. 19 June       Volley for Christ

                              3-5pm     Grades 3rd to 5th

                              5-7pm      Grades 6th to 8th.

Thurs  20  June     6:00 pm    Trustee Meeting

Thurs 20 June       Volley for Christ

                              3-5pm      Grades 3rd to 5th

                              5-7pm      Grades 6th to 8th.

Sun      23  June     9:15 am    Sunday School

                            10:30 am      Weekly Worship Service –

Mon     24 June     9:00 am    Weekly Prayer Group

                              6:00 pm    Choir Rehearsal

                               6:00 pm     Cub Scouts

                               6:30 pm     Boy Scouts


Upcoming Event!  

Fri    28 June  11:30am   Young at Heart Luncheon 


There’s a place for you!

If you know God is calling you to get involved and get serious about your vow to serve, then please call or come see me so we can discern together where God might have been saving a place just for you!

Among others, we need a new

- Hospitality Ministry Director, (sits on the congregational care & worship, and missions/outreach committees to ensure the congregation’s WELCOME is included in all their efforts with continuity and intentionality.)

- Congregational Care Chair (sits on Ad Council and oversees all related ministries to the care and nurture of the membership.  Works in conjunction with the Missions & Outreach Chair)

- and most of our age group ministries

- Youth Ministry

- Young Adult Ministry,

- Older Adult Ministry


Please call the church office and email back to this newsletter if any event is missing.




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