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The September 2018 Olive Branch - 2018/08/31
A Publication of the PARKER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH since 1993 Pastor Jack Stanley, Pastor Parker United Methodist Church 908 South Tyndall Parkway Parker, Florida 32404-7241 Office: (850) 871-4747 Email: Prayer Request: prayer

The Olive Branch -  September 2018

A Publication of the PARKER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH since 1993

  Jack Stanley, Pastor





Greetings everyone!  I hope you enjoy enjoyed our casual Campmeeting Sundays. This past Sunday, certified lay speaker John Fuller, came over from Lynn Haven UMC to preach, Bernie Shotts brought an inspiring Lay Witness, and Rich Musgrave led some rousing southern gospel singing.  Our choir has stayed busy all summer while many take it off, so great appreciation goes to them.   If you missed the service, you can catch most of it here:  Sunday’s Service


If you don’t collect the newspaper, my Saturday column shared a Glory Sighting the preacher swap we did as part of Campmeeting Sundays.  You can read it here:   Glory Sightings  


This Sunday we kick-off our Fall Sermon series a bit early, with an Introduction to Creed , I Believe in God .  If you know someone struggling with their faith, wanting to believe and experience God but just can’t grasp, may be confused, or wants to just hear more, considering inviting them and asking them to give this series a change.


To prepare yourself for this opening sermon, consider reading and praying through 2 Samuel 7:22-29; 1 Corinthians 8:1-6



2 September – “Back to School” Youth & Children special service, introducing our Fall Series, “Creed”  “I believe in God”

9 September --  Fall Series “Creed” part one:  “What about God?”

16 September --  Fall Series, “Creed” part two:  “What abo ut Jesus?”

23 Sept – Fall Series, “Creed” part three: “More about Jesus”




Ministry Positions Needed

Where and how is God calling you to serve and witness in 2019? In addition to all the other ministries and committees here is a first look at the positions we need to fill (:

- Children’s Ministry Coordinator (and member of Christian Education Committee)

- Youth Ministry Coordinator (and member of Christian Education Committee)

- Young Adult Ministry Coordinator (and member of Christian Education Committee)

- Older Adult Ministry Coordinator (and member of Christian Education Committee)

- Hospitality Ministry Coordinator (and member of Worship & Congregational Care Committees)

- Chair, Nurture & Congregational Care Committee Chair (Director of InReach Ministries and member of the Administrative Council)

- Chair, Finance Committee (and member of the Administrative Council)

- Chair, Christian Education Committee (and member of Ad Council)

- Member, Finance Committee

- Member, SPR Committee

- Member, Long Range Planning Committee

- Member, Trustees Committee

- Lay Leader, member of Ad Council, and ex-officio to most committees and assist the pastor in all ministries)

Peace2u,  Jack




The UnFaded Flame Update

1.“What we have done”: During the 3rd Quarter so far we  accomplished the outside trim and cross painting. We finished the carpet installation in the Fellowship Hall. We cleaned the  carpets in the entire Sunday school area, the children’s Church room, and the Prayer room. We have had repairs performed on the A/C and to  several plumbing issues including the replacement of the sink and faucet in the men’s bathroom beside the choir room and the repair of the Fellowship hall handwashing sink. Brother John Briggs has stripped, waxed and repaired  flooring in the Fellowship Hall and bathrooms, the choir room and the adult Sunday School classroom. We have installed a new light for the basketball court for the Ignite program. The  front projector in the Sanctuary has been realigned and centered on the projection screen. The annual parsonage inspection has been completed. The required county annual backflow inspection has been completed and recorded.                                          

 2.“What we are doing”:  We are currently finishing up creating the process for taking donations for the Sanctuary Carpet  replacement This effort will be accomplished through donations only. We aretaking bids for the repair of the ceiling in the southeast section of the sanctuary but bids only as funds are currently unavailable for the repair. We are replacing the ceiling tile in the Prayer room and may proceed with sheet rocking the three paneled walls depending upon available materials. Funds for the ceiling tiles were donated by the Men’s Group. We thank the greatly for their consideration. We are in the process of determining what type of flooring will be placed in the parsonage and will make such decisions on the next trustee meeting. We are having an additional night light installed near the Fellowship Hall in order to significantly increase night time lighting as the two that we currently have are too inefficient for safety and security.             

3. What we are going to be doing: The parsonage flooring will be replaced as soon as possible with whatever product is chosen by the committee. Most of what we will be doing in the rest of this quarter will be driven by two factors, funds and manpower. We hope torepair the Sanctuary ceiling and finish stripping and waxing theremainder of the tile floors in the church. We also hope to replace the hallway exterior door to the parking lot as it is rotting at the  bottom. Projects that require hired manpower will not be accomplished without additional funding. We are at the point where all of the repairs and maintenance work are being accomplished by two or three members. We all have abilities and talents that may help in the efforts to renew our facilities. Any small amount of help is greatly appreciated. I still encourage any and all to attend our meetings in order to more fully understand what the trustees face in accomplishing our responsibilities. All  

meetings and times are posted in the monthly bulletin. To partner in ministry with any of our projects, call BruceStrampeat819-6506.  Many hands make for less sore  backs.                                                                                              

If anyone wishes to help in any of these projects either with labor or donations, please contact Mat Dawson or Bruce Strampe. 


                                                                        IGNITE Children’s Ministry SLIMED    

Get ready to get   SLIMED IGNITE Children’s Ministry-ages  K-5 th  grade will begin the SLIMED curriculum on Sept. 12 th

Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30PM 5:45-Sign-in and new registration  6:00-Meal  7:30-Pick-up

*We are in desperate need of 1 more teacher and   2  assistant teachers for this ministry.

IGNITE Children''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Ministry-Back to School Party was a great success! Thank you to everyone who donated school supplies! 

15 children attended the party and had a wonderful time with water balloon games, relays and pizza, and the children went home with a bag full of school supplies


Blessings, Eddie & Karen Williams and Katie Hunley


OLD BIBLES? … Give them New Life

Do you have some Bibles laying around that are collecting dust? How about we given them away? If you have some Bi-bles that could live again, please bring them by the church and leave them in the clothes closet room. Next time we go out into the community, such as Feed the Hungry, we will offer Bibles to anyone who wants them.   



Recommended Resources


The  office is looking to update the recommended resources on the bulletin board near the welcome center.  Electricians, Air conditioning  maintenance & repair, Plumbers, Home repair/updating,  All-purpose Handyman, Auto  Mechanics, Auto tire,  many of those  recommended in the past  have either retired or moved.                                                                         The resources have been very helpful to our seniors  and single ladies of the congregation. If you can recommend people you have used and trust, please let us know in the office.  Call  871-4747  or  Email        



Food Pantry Ministry News

In August 4 PUMC helpers gave out 11 bags of food to 11_families  Involving  9_adults &  3_children.  We had  _3_New families.       

The Food  Pantry is open the 2 nd & 4 th Weds of the month from  10-12noon.  The Food Pantry Ministry is l ooking   for ministry partners, if you have a little extra time and would like to be a part of a much needed ministry please call the office.




We are still in need of ushers. Being an usher is easy, and you are already in church for our Sunday Service.

Please call Linda Fors at 740-1115.


                                                                   STUDENT MINISTRY UPDATES

                                                                                                       Youth Ministry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Prepare to participate in Trunk Treats Wednesday October 31 in the church parking lot. Start collecting your goodie Save your shoe boxes, for Pack The Box Party. Teachers & helpers needed for all children’s programs   Contact  Karen Williams  or  Caroline  Meadows

Youth will be visiting the Humane Society in the future, we will need permission slips, filled out and returned to Caroline Meadows or Kathy Schmidt.


                                                                                                            Youth and Shoe Box Ministry

Anyone interested in being a project leader for "Operation Christmas Child" the shoe box ministry please contact Caroline, 850.628.0542. Ignite students will pack the shoe boxes at Packing Party. If you can''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t lead,—Donate items or monies for shipping expense.  50% of all children receiving boxes come to accept Christ.  If we ship 100 boxes  we contribute to leading 50 to Christ. That is exciting!


                                                                                  Nursery  Ministry

We are currently doing background checks for  our Ministry partners.  If you have not already, signed up to be a "Rock Star” it’s not too late, we are a equal opportunity church, and

gentlemen are  welcome to  apply.  If there are children you know that need a home visit from our ministry team, please contact Caroline 850-628-0542.



UMW Mary Martha Circle News

The Book Sale raised $135 for church projects.  Since the highest priced book was $1 with most books 25 cents, this was no small project. With a donation from Sherri Mark, over 40 books are going to Emerald Shores Nursing Home. Many thanks to the book donors, those who helped organize, sell, and pack up as well as the many people who told us to “Keep the change.”          God’s blessings to all. Clara Smith  


Library News 


  With the remodeling of the Prayer Room, the Prayer book shelf will be moved to the library and the books integrated into various library sections. We are processing several DVD   donations and new “to us” books including some appropriated from the book sale. Please stop in to see the changes.              

If you are looking for something in particular, I am available during the Sunday School hour to help or answer questions.    Clara Smith, Librarian



Feed the Hungry Outreach Update

On Thursday September 20th there will be another opportunity to help those in need!  There are many ways to help.  

We are a Blessed people.   You can contact   Kathy & Schmitty Schmidt / Missions & Outreach



Hospitality Ministry

Anyone interested in joining the 2018 Hospitality Ministry Team, just let me know! We welcome all to SS & Worship, give out New comer packets and follow up. We would be so happy to share this Blessed time with you.

Barbara Anderson at 624-6770






  9:15 Sunday School

10:30 Church Service

   Children’s Church is Pre-K  to 5Th



  9:00 Intercessory Prayer in thePrayer  Room


10:00 Ladies Bible Study

  6:00 Choir Practice

  6:30 Scouts



  6:15 Cub Scouts



     Ignite Family  Nite

5:30 Game Time

6:00  Supper

6:30—7:30  Children , Youth &  Adult   Programs


The church office is open

Mon. thru Thurs. from

9:00 till 4:00

September Newsletter Articles Due Tuesday  September  26 th.







September Schedule


  Monday September 3:

   Labor Day Office Closed

No Choir Practice

Saturday September 8:

 8:00 am  Men’s  Ministry Breakfast

Monday September 10:

1:30pm  Staff  Meeting


Tuesday September 11:

6:30 Student Ministry Teacher & Staff Mtg

Wednesday September 12

  10:00—12:00 Food Pantry

 5:45p Registration “ Slimed ” Children''''''''''''''''s Ignite

 6:00   Supper

 6:30   Children, Youth & Adult  Programs


Friday  September 14:

  5:00-9:00pm Lay Speaker Training


Saturday September 15:

8:00am-4:30pm Lay Speaker Training

Tuesday September 18:

 10-12:noon Mary Martha Circle


Thursday September 20:

Feed the Hungry many ways to  help

Wednesday September 26 :

10:00—12:00 Food Pantry


  Sunday  September 30:

10:30  5th Sunday Gospel Group-Four Calvary

   &  Pot Luck Lunch





Vacation Bulletins

Just a reminder – if you are travelling and visit other churches (any denomination), please write the names of all those attending on the visited churches bulletin and leave it either in the Library mailbox or the basket in the  library for books being returned. Thanks, Clara Smith Librarian





If you have any small items that you’re growing tired of dusting and you would like to donate them to a “good cause”, please consider giving them to be used for bingo prizes at Emerald Shores Nursing facility. A collection box will be provided in the library for this purpose. Thanks for your help in meeting this mission need. Lucy


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